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PLEASE NOTE: Whilst we strictly adhere to any mentioned calories, food weights or protein levels there may be small variations away from stated figures

Weight loss / Maintain/Lean / Muscle Gain

Snacks and Desserts

All snacks and desserts 200 Calories (fits all body goals)

Almond Pot

Cashew Pot

2 Hard Boiled Eggs

Protein Ball

Mixed Fruit and Nut Bar

Hummus and Raw Carrot

Hummus and Wholemeal Pitta Soldiers

Yogurt with Fresh Fruit and Nuts

Apple Slices and Peanut Butter

Smoothies and Juices (300ml)

200/250 calories and great to boost your daily intake of fruit and vegetables.

Banana, Peanut Butter, Almond Milk and Oats

Banana, Strawberry, Coconut Water and Whey Protein

Banana, Strawberry, Greek yogurt, oats and Almond Milk

Apple, Spinach, Mint, Cucumber and Celery

Orange Strawberry and Banana

Spinach, Pineapple, Banana and Coconut Water


Colour Code for Breakfasts listed below:

Weight Loss (300cal) / Maintain/Lean (500cal) / Weight Gain (750cal)

Porridge made with Skimmed Milk, Whey Protein, and a Sprinkling of Almond and Cashew Nuts. 
£4.30 / £4.80 / £5.30
Best before work out (V) 

Fresh Omelette, with Spinach, Mushroom, Tomato and Avocado (v) 
£5.50 / £5.90 / £6.40
Best after work out

Scrambled Eggs (2) served with a Slice of Wholemeal Toast, a Grilled Tomato and Spinach (V)
£5.30 / £5.60 / £5.80
Best after work out. Nutrionist approved.

Avocado and Egg ‘Toad in the Hole’ (2) (v)
£5.50 / £5.99 / £6.50
Best after work out. Nutrionist approved.

Smoked Salmon, Spinach and Egg Bake
£7.50 / £8.40 / £9.20
Best after work out

Whole Meal Toast with Avocado Spread, Scrambled Egg and Smoked Salmon 
£6.45 / £6.80 / £7.50
Best after work out. Nutrionist approved.

Natural Yogurt with Chia Seeds, Mixed Fruit and Nuts
£4.50 / £5.20 / £5.40
Nutrionist approved.


Colour Code for main meals listed below:

Weight Loss (300 cal) / Maintain/Lean (500cal) / Weight Gain (750cal)


Chicken Supreme, Grilled Vegetables and Basil
£6.70 (100g) / £7.95 (200g) / £8.95 (250g)

Poached Salmon, Boiled New Potatoes, Green Beans and Parsley
£7.95 / £9.20 / £10.30
Nutrionist approved. 

Roasted Cod Fillet, Steamed Spinach and Sweet Potato Wedges
£7.95 / £9.80 / £11.40
Best after work out

Wholemeal Pasta, Prawns, Peas, Baby Spinach, Cherry Tomatoes, Garlic and Chilli
£7.95 / £9.80 / £14.20
Best after work out

Sea Bass Fillet, Avocado, Boiled Egg and Mixed Leaf Salad
£10.90 / £12.90 / £14.20
Best after work out

Brown Pasta Salad, Roasted Courgettes, Peppers, Parsley and Toasted Nuts. Low Fat Dressing (V)
£7.70 / £9.20 / £10.40

Peal Barley Risotto with Sweet Potatoes, Peas and Asparagus (V)
£6.20 / £6.99 / £7.60
Nutrionist approved.

Wholemeal Pasta, Beef Strips, Baby Spinach, Olive Oil, Chilli and Garlic
£10.80 / £11.80 / £12.80
Best after work out. Nutrionist approved.

Pesto Chicken Breast served with Roasted Butter Nut Squash and Spinach
£9.20 / £10.30 / £11.40

Wholemeal pasta with a Lean Meat Sauce, Tomatoes, Carrots, Celery, Cooked in Olive Oil (nb)
£9.20 / £10.40 / £13.20

Wholemeal or Zucchini Pasta served in a Pesto Sauce, Chicken Strips, Pine Nuts, Spinach and Parmesan
£10.80 / £11.80 / £12.80
Best after work out. Nutrionist approved.

Grilled Fillet of Beef, Sweet Potato Wedges and Steamed Broccoli
£17.90 (200g) / £19.90 (300g) / £23.90 (350g)


All desserts 200 Calories (fits all body goals)

Protein Pancakes, served with Fresh Berries
Best after work out. Nutrionist approved.

Fresh Fruit Salad Topped with Almond and Cashew Nuts
Best after work out.

Yogurt with Fresh Fruit and Nuts (100g)
Best after work out. Nutrionist approved.

Baked Apple Cut in Half and Sprinkled with Crushed Almonds
Best after work out. Nutrionist approved.

Poached Pear Sprinkled with Low Fat Yoghurt
Best after work out. Nutrionist approved.


Tea £1.50

Regular Coffee £1.75 (black), £2.00 (white)

Orange Juice Tropicana £1.80

Mint Tea £1.50

Still Water £1.50

Sparkling Water £1.50

The Fitness Chef reserve the right to amend any details on this website including pricing. If you have any allergies or specific dietary requirements please contact us in advance. Some dishes may contain traces of nuts.